Kana & Karin - Tokyo

Sinda Koslika - Los Angeles

Akaihirume & TommyTommy - Tokyo

Ian - Lakewood

Julie - Marseille

Frank & Ramona - Berlin

Michel - Lausanne

Harkusinatra - Boston

Jonathan Valdez (w/ Junko) - Texas

Circuit Breaker - London

Elvis - Bern

Kenzo - Berlin

Louisa & Mario - Rinteln / Berlin

Sudden Infant fans eating Fondue in Greece

Julie Rousse - Valparaiso

Carlos Giffoni- Los Angeles

Rosa - Zurich

Ala Shobeiry & devotees

Swana - Aachen

Karsten - Hannover

Patrick - Lille 

Zoë - Barcelona

Mirjam - Middelburg

Hayo - Middelburg

Oscar - Lille

Dominik Gysin - Bern

Selma & Lasse - Oslo

Marta Zapparoli -Berlin

Ron van Hee - Berlaar

Ian Cox - Lakewood

Aki Goedecke - Wernigerode

Popietės Vyrukas - Vilnius

Shayne Bowden - Fukuoka

Lydia - Zurich

Till - Frankfurt

NMO Morten & Rubén - Berlin

Fan Club - Geneva

Mike - Bern

Shin & Nico - Tokyo

Ludi - Berlin

Dave, Vicky & mother Langan - Cork

Mel - Thüringen

Angel - Ghent

Morten - Oslo

Pole Ka - Paris

Yvan Volochine - Berlin
(reminds us of a crazy party in Geneva)

Eglė Tamulytė - Vilnius

Steve Cammack - English Riviera

Union Cabalistique - Lausanne

Kenzo - Berlin

Txema Agiriano - Bilbao

Elis Nordwall - Gothenburg

Carmine Pizzuti - Milan

Miguel & Kraow - Paris / Berlin

Grit Hein - Aachen

Philipp Münch - Bielefeld

Edgars - Berlin

Julie Rousse - Paris

Ebihara Reiko - Tokyo

Sara Dotes - Osaka

Asamy - Nagoya

Rachel - Berlin

Alexandre Babel - Berlin

Gali Yelin - Tel Aviv

Der Electrolurch - Berlin

Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz - New York

Alice Kemp - Devon

Sandrine - Paris

Bettina - Zurich

Bryan Lewis Saunders - Tennessee

SI T-Shirt at Lin-Chi-Wei exhibition 
Taipei Fine Art Museum 2006

Contagious Orgasm - Nagoya

Sabrina & Frank - Wallis

Nico - Zurich

Rinus Van Alebeek - Berlin

Dario - Mexico-City

Eric Blitz - New York
Wendelin Büchler - Berlin

Premek Ondra - Prague

Peter - Boston

Stagger Thorax - Boston

Yvan Volochine - Berlin

Jean D.L. - Brussels

Yoshihiro Kikuchi - Tokyo

Stephen O'Malley - Paris

Nath, Mettà & Fil Cavaleri - Grâce-Hollogne

Joachim Nordwall -Stockholm

Thomas Ekelund - Gothenburg

Graham Moore - Atlanta

Kjetil Hansen - Oslo

Marc Unternährer - Luzern

Frank - Berlin

Christian, Joke, Marion - Zurich, Berlin, Geneva

Christian Weber - Zurich (portrait by Olivia)

Lilith & Mirjam - Lucerne

Guy, Marion, Grisha, Ron, Sixto - Tel Aviv / Geneva

Mai Sau - Osaka

Charles Moneypenny - London

Pain Jerk - Tokyo

Ron Katsir & Fernando Sixto - Tel Aviv / Geneva

Grisha Shakhnes - Tel Aviv

Anna Allkämper - Berlin / Rio

Krystian Craterfog - Lille

jf - Paris

Jean-Francois Guérin - Paris

Karan Chandran - New Delhi

Rachael Kozak - Berlin

Bill Kouligas - Berlin

Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim - Bremen

Alex Schneider - Berlin

Ala Shobeiry - London

Kasia Justka - Berlin

Patrick Antczak - Agde

Monsieur Jiggle Le Puff - Northern Ireland

Michelle Antczak - Agde

Allon Kaye - London

Rasputeen - Bielefeld

Agusz Sawicka & Sebastian Sighell - Cork

Antoine Chessex - Berlin

Sara & Alex - Turin

Lasse Marhaug - Oslo

Marie Steiner - Vienna

Kraow Nobel - Paris

Mario Passarotto - Berlin

Ian Warrington - Leeds

Steffan de Turck - Tilburg

Wolfgang Fuchs - Linz

GX Jupitter-Larsen - Los Angeles

Jessica King - Los Angeles

Andy Via - Richmond

Babsi Teichner - Bielefeld

Seven Wolf - London

Phil Julian - London

Scumearth - Madrid

Dick Tourette - Lucerne

Ximena & Judy - Portland

Christian Wolfarth - Zurich

Rachal Spekula - Oakland

Thomas Hein - Aachen

Carlos Giffoni - New York

Aaron Dilloway - Oberlin

Sara Proxy - London

Antoinette Hächler - London

Lasse Marhaug - Oslo

Marcelo Aguirre - Berlin

Botha Kruger - Cape Town

Joke Lanz - Berlin

Christian Weber - Zurich

Andy Ortmann - Chicago

Céleste Urech - Aarau

Billy Bao - Basque Country

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